Monday and Tuesday

Finalize Research Teams

Write down answers to the following questions:

  • What strengths do you bring to a team?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you usually take on the role of the team leader?
  • What Dimensions of Wellness do you plan to focus on in your own life this semester?

Draft a formal Team Contract (one per research team) and upload it to BlackBoard by Friday!

First research team presentations are next week!

Each team will choose ONE of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Background research (online) Make sure to use (and cite) credible sources!

  • Research the different components of your chosen wellness dimension (one per team, per class)
  • What type of challenges might some of your team mates or peers face this semester in that area?
  • What are some measurable ways you can assess your improvement in this area?
  • What are scientists researching related to this area? (Not social science like psychology, look for natural science like biology and chemistry.)

Research in the field (aka field trip!) Take lots of photos--this is your evidence!

  • Visit at least one organization or office on campus which can assist students in that area.
    • Talk with at least one person in that office about the support they can provide to students.

Share your findings

  • Prepare a 5 minute (max) presentation (Video, PowerPoint, game, etc.) for the class sharing the information you have found including background and resources on campus
    • Include APA formatted citations for a credible websites or journal articles and lots of evidence!

Presentations in Seminar next week!

Wednesday and Thursday

Biology Exam 1 Review - Here is Jeopardy!

Homework - Write one question similar to what you think Dr. Moretzsohn will ask on this Friday's biology exam. Bring it with you to our next class!