Monday and Tuesday

From Social science to Natural science... What questions are scientists asking?

Details have been updated on Wiki and BlackBoard for assignments due in the next few weeks. Any questions?

Fall 2018 Midterm Portfolio due by Friday, Oct 19th

Learning Community Research Project Final Pres Nov 27-28

Working with your team, create a 7(ish) minute review for one chapter in Chemistry. Review all of your notes from class and ALEKS as well as in class questions and info from SI to identify 5-10 multiple choice questions along with one short answer question that you think your professor might ask from this chapter. Briefly review the key concepts with the class, then give the class time to practice answering NEW questions adapted from those you have already seen. Upload your review and questions, along with any visuals needed to help you explain the answers, as a Word or PowerPoint document (and/or link to Kahoot, relevant videos, etc) to the BlackBoard Discussion forum before coming to Seminar.

Wednesday and Thursday

Review for the Chemistry Exam!

Remember to upload your reviews and questions (both multiple choice and short answer) to the BlackBoard discussion before coming to class!

PSA- Check your email from the university to complete "Think About It" online and avoid a registration hold!