Monday and Tuesday

All classes are cancelled this Monday ONLY for Labor Day. All classes will meet as scheduled Tuesday!

Upload the PowerPoint slide for your Introductory Assignment before you come to class Tues/Wed this week!

Chem/Biol Checkpoint!- Please bring your biology notes with you to Seminar today.

Wednesday and Thursday

All Seminar classes will meet on Wed/Thurs this week, but in a different room!

BCSSE in computer labs during Seminar on Wed/Thurs this week!

  • Wed 9-9:50 (Sect 816) in IH 265
  • Wed 10-10:50 (Sect 815) in IH 265
  • Wed 1-1:50 (Sect 817) in OCNR 241
  • Thurs 9-9:50 (Sect 818) in CCH 206
  • Thurs 10-10:50 (Sect 819) in CCH 206
  • Thurs 11-11:50 (Sect 820) in IH 263

Discussion - How is College different from high school?