Entrepreneur Advises Students to Scrap the Word ‘Can’t’

Published: April 15, 2013

Entrepreneur Advises Students to Scrap the Word ‘Can’t’

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Successful entrepreneur Melvyn N. Klein impressed Dr. Ben Blanco’s Retail Management class on April 10 with his advice on how to take charge of their lives to maximize their career potential. 

 “I’ve known Mel a long time, and he has a unique feature,” said Dr. Moustafa Abdelsamad, Dean of the College of Business. “He has done everything!”

From delivering papers as a young boy, to managing his own film company, Klein has been involved in nearly every career field imaginable.

“Find a passion that fits you,” said Klein. “Unless you know your passions and follow them, you will be following someone else.”

Klein advised students that they learn as much as possible, take risks, be open to change, have perseverance, and always act in a professional and presentable manner.

At a very young age, Klein decided that he wouldn’t allow obstacles to keep him from following his passions in life.  He has since, received a law degree, taught at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, started two independent film companies, and worked for former president Ronald Reagan. In addition, Klein is a founder and member of several boards, and works with organizations committed to discovering cures of mental and physical illnesses.

Klein expressed to students that in the midst of fulfilling their dreams, it is also important to have, compassion, humor, a positive attitude, and to remove the word “can’t” from their vocabulary.

“Mel Klein revealed to me that if you have a vision, a dream, a goal, go for it,” said Jamise Jackson, a junior communication major. “Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing what you want to do in your life.”