Students Sift through ‘Stripes’ Successes with Susser

Published: April 08, 2013

Students Sift through ‘Stripes’ Successes with Susser

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Sam L. Susser enthusiastically welcomed Dr. Ben Blanco’s Retail Management class on Wednesday, April 3, to get the inside scoop on the thriving convenient store business, Stripes Convenience Stores, and tour the company’s Support Center.

“Your reputation is everything,” Susser explained to the students. “Think about how you look, how you dress, and how you handle yourself. It is not fair, but people judge books by their cover.” 

Susser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Susser Holdings Incorporated, enlightened the class on several marketing strategies, and other reasons Stripes  is such a successful company. As the fifth-generation Susser to manage the business, he plans to create more than 1,000 jobs over the next year within the four-state region of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

When you think of a gas station, you usually don’t associate delicious and affordable meals with your stop, but Stripes has begun to dedicate more energy and profit into functioning, not just as gas stations, but restaurants as well.

Laredo Taco restaurants are conveniently located inside many Stripes gas stations. Susser says they sell more than 250,000 tacos daily and offer an assortment of breakfast and lunch tacos. He says the spicy food helps drive drink sales.

 “We are really proud of the food that we offer,” said Susser. “When you grow up in a town where ‘What-a-burger’ was invented, you’ve really got to raise the bar!”

Stripes also acknowledges their customers’ needs by stocking the shelves primarily based on previous customer purchases.

 “It’s nice to know that they try and provide a quick stop for people who don’t have time to go to the grocery store,” said Kaelyn Dubose, a junior marketing major. “They realize this advantage and try to provide as much variety as possible while maintaining the ability for a quick customer turn ratio. ”