Lomax Shares Successes of His Greatest Catch in the Seafood Industry

Published: May 06, 2013

Lomax Shares Successes of His Greatest Catch in the Seafood Industry

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Brad Lomax, one of Corpus Christi’s most successful entrepreneurs, bestowed a dose of business savvy knowledge upon Dr. Ben Blanco’s Retail Management class on Wednesday, May 1, in the O’Connor Building. Lomax was Dr. Blanco’s final guest speakers for the spring semester.

“Learn to listen,” said Lomax. “As you move up the corporate ladder, it’s going to be 80-90 percent about your personality, leadership, and communication skills.”

Lomax has had many successes in Corpus Christi. He has brought our city the Water Street Oyster Bar and Water Street Seafood Company, the Executive Surf Club, the Texas Surf Museum, and most recently, Tailfins, drive through seafood restaurant.  Lomax began his career in the restaurant business while attending college to help pay for his tuition. After many years of waiting tables, Lomax decided he wanted to open his own restaurant in downtown Corpus Christi. In December 1983, Lomax opened his first Water Street Restaurant, and after only one year, the restaurant’s projected numbers had doubled.

“We were rock solid for two years,” said Lomax. “The downside to our success was that it went straight to my head.”

After witnessing such fortune with Water Street, Lomax decided to open a second restaurant, Otra Vez, and quickly learned more Mexican food was not what the people of Corpus Christi wanted. “You think you have your stuff together, and the world teaches you, you don’t,” Lomax said.  “You have to always constantly be relearning and reinvesting.”

The Water Street Seafood Company has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, and was also featured on the Food Network series “$40 a Day” with Rachael Ray.

“We always learn about business ups-and-downs in our text books, but it is nice to hear about someone’s first-hand experience,” said Bianca Lowery, a senior finance major. “You have to take your successes and failures and run with them.”