Hairiest Guerrilla Poster Presentation Competition Provides Students with Opportunities to Pitch Marketing Ideas

Published: May 01, 2014

Hairiest Guerrilla Poster Presentation Competition Provides Students with Opportunities to Pitch Marketing Ideas

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Students enrolled in Guerrilla Marketing had the opportunity to pitch their marketing ideas during the 2014 Hairiest Guerrilla Poster Presentation Competition held Tuesday, April 29, in the Michael and Karen O’Connor Building.  This poster competition, in its sixth year, is a prelude to the in-person competition that takes place on Thursday, May 8.  

The course and competition was designed by Dr. Kent Byus, Associate Professor of Marketing.

“Providing students with a meaningful “hands-on” obligation to a real-world business client provides an unbeatable opportunity for them to engage academic material, their own creativity and confidence, and attempt to align with the objectives and expectations of the business,” said Byus.  “The competition is healthy and the results illustrate just how good these students are when pressed.”

Entrepreneurial Guerrilla Marketing, a set of nontraditional techniques, helps provide the small entrepreneurial business operator with an opportunity to gain traction in the larger competitive marketplace, without incurring large expenses. 

This year, student groups focused on two different types of small-business organizations with significantly different marketing challenges. The class of 42 formed into 14 self-selected groups of three. Seven groups worked with local company, “Tailfins Seafood-To-Go,” and seven groups worked with local firm, “The Texas Surf Museum.”

The primary challenge for the students is to understand that small business marketing is not just big-business marketing made smaller. As the student work illustrates, small business, especially small local businesses have very different relationships to identify and respond to, different community characteristics to be mindful of, different product and or service obligations, and different customer purchase patterns. 

The use of posters is the first part of the two-part competition.  During the poster-presentation, students are required to present the entirety of the campaign “without pitching the campaign” to an otherwise neutral party.  The poster should provide the reader with the ability to see the idea, gain the details of the implementation, and understand the return on the investment that these “Guerrilla” are proposing. 

Each year, several students are anointed with the “Hairiest Guerrilla” title, with their names added to a plaque that hangs in the O’Connor building. Companies who have been part of the competition include Stripes, Pete’s Chicken, J. R. Viola, Mike Shaw Toyota, Coffee Waves, House of Rock, Bull Chicks, and several companies from the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center.