College of Business Develops New One-Year Strategic Marketing Plan for Charlie’s Place 50th Anniversary

Published: November 05, 2014

College of Business Develops New One-Year Strategic Marketing Plan for Charlie’s Place 50th Anniversary

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Undergraduate students in the College of Business at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are using the knowledge that they learn in the classroom to provide a one-year strategic marketing plan for Charlie’s Place Recovery Center, the area’s only residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The project will be led by Dr. Kent Byus, Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

“I was in a unique position as chair to integrate other professors and courses to provide Charlie’s Place an entire marketing team to create a successful campaign,” said Byus.

Students in the MKTG 4350 Policies and Problems course are helping develop the beginning stages of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Charlie’s Place 50th Anniversary by creating a marketing audit for the institution.

“This project is unique because, much like a real business, one individual will rarely ever complete an entire project single-handedly,” said Byus.

The class visited the organization last month to meet the staff and develop an understanding of their goals for this project. Byus says that the final project for MKTG 4350 will become the curriculum for another course.

Aside from the marketing advice, the students also hope to raise awareness about Charlie’s Place and attract volunteers and sponsors to the facility.

“During class, we spoke about what we wanted to accomplish for the project,” said Sohail Punjwani, senior marketing major. “Actually going and visiting the facility made the project more personal. It makes me proud to be a part of something that is bigger than just me or this course.”

This audit is one of four phases of the marketing project which will incorporate a variety of courses over the next three semesters. Other courses include MKTG 4320 Marketing Research, MKTG 3325 Guerrilla Marketing, and MKTG 3315 Promotional Strategy courses.

“A project like this is important because it gives us the opportunity to get real feedback as opposed to a simple percentage,” said Daniel Knsesek, senior marketing major. “To have a chance to see what works and what doesn’t really makes this a prime opportunity for learning real world applications.”

Charlie’s Place began in 1965 as a small 24-hour alcoholic’s halfway house with a 12-step program. Due to the dedication of Charlie Acklen and others who wanted to assist or who had themselves been helped, Charlie’s Place has become a professional and comprehensive treatment center known for working miracles in the lives of their clients.