Innovation Center Provides ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking for Local Education Business

Published: August 24, 2015

Innovation Center Provides ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking for Local Education Business

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center has proven to be a powerful influence for Access Curriculum Together (ACT), a local business founded in 2014 by Kimberly Cook and Patty Callaway.

“The Innovation Center has put us in touch with professionals who have helped us get things done,” Cook and Callaway said. “They helped us see far beyond our own vision. They made us think outside our box and they provided us our foundation.” 

Callaway and Cook are like-minded educators with innovative strategies to improve education. Through their collaboration, and with the creation of ACT, they present fun, yet effective, learning solutions tailor-made for today’s students. ACT aims to increase access to curriculum within a community of learners by uniting educators and resources, to increase accountability and to maximize students’ learning and quality of life.

“Our success and passion as educators in mathematics and special education, and our teaching experience with diverse populations of students in typical classrooms, is what inspired us to create Access Curriculum Together,” the pair said.

ACT provides math services to districts, campuses, teachers and parents to help them create a learning environment where all students are included and expected to reach grade-level math standards. With their special education services, ACT offers professional development and consultation for educators.

Callaway and Cook are thankful for the Innovation Center, which has provided their business with technical support, office space and website design, while holding them accountable to fulfill their own goals through quarterly team meetings, reports and financials.

“The Innovation Center has put in touch with the right professionals to get things done,” Cook commented. “They introduced us to Dr. Anita Reed with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, whose accounting class developed a financial model for our aspiring business.  They also helped us connect with an attorney, who specializes in copyright, intellectual property and trademarks. Also, the interns working at the Innovation Center are designing our website and assisting with copy, photography and design.”

The Innovation Center is also working with ACT as they explore the possibility of potential grants that will enable them to support schools that are seeking to close performance gaps and increase student achievement, student progress and post-secondary readiness in mathematics.

“We love working with the Innovation Center’s innovators, sharing meals, ping-pong games, office supplies, and friendships,” said Callaway. “It has been beneficial to share our unique business model and expertise with others building their repertoire of skills.”