Ensemble Group Flourishes with Help from the Innovation Center

Published: September 09, 2015

Ensemble Group Flourishes with Help from the Innovation Center

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Gracie Martin, the owner of website design and web application developer Ensemble Group, believes the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center has given her the encouragement she needs to grow her business to its fullest potential.

“The Innovation Center provides us a productive business environment that promotes connections, networking, education and support,” said Martin.

The Innovation Center is part of the College of Business at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Ensemble Group went through the incubation process at the Innovation Center, and graduated from the program in February 2015.  Out of the eight businesses that graduated in February, Ensemble still resides at the Innovation Center and serves as an anchor tenant: a business or organization that provides mentorship for current clients. Anchor tenants are chosen because they offer products and/or services consistent with the mission of the Innovation Center, while agreeing to provide resources at preferential rates. Ensemble is also on-hand to mentor existing clients.

Ensemble Group specializes in custom-built systems and web solutions designed to meet an individual client’s needs. The business also provides branding, graphic design, IOS and Android apps, WordPress management and e-commerce websites.

In a lucky twist of fate, it was the Innovation Center that actually reached out to Ensemble Group to create a web presence for the business hub.

“As we learned about the Innovation Center’s mission and purpose, we realized they might be able to help us with some of our needs,” said Martin.

When Ensemble first started in 2002, it was a one-woman show, but thanks to steady growth, Martin now employs a staff of seven. Martin says she will continue to advance Ensemble Group with strategic intentional growth.

“Set goals, develop a plan, and don’t let anyone dissuade you,” said Martin, when asked to give advice to other business start-ups. “There will be good times and bad, but if you truly want it and you’re willing to make the sacrifices, the sky is the limit and the rewards are endless.”