Islander Ring Ceremony Sets the Scene for Romantic Proposal

| Published: April 28, 2016

Islander Ring Ceremony Sets the Scene for Romantic Proposal

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The spring 2016 Islander Ring Ceremony was a celebration for many, but for seniors Justin Garcia and Brittney Esparza, the April 16 date was something far more special. That’s when Garcia got down on one hopeful knee and proposed to Esparza, his longtime girlfriend of two years, Esparza, to a resounding “yes” before the start of the ceremony.

“I was super excited when Justin proposed,” admitted Esparza. “I was caught off guard and had no idea he was planning to propose. I had no doubts about saying ‘yes,’ but didn’t think he would ask until after we graduated.”

Garcia and Esparza met in Dr. Carol Binkard’s Computer Literacy class in spring 2013. “Britt and I were the only two who didn’t meet that first day (of class),” said Garcia. “I finally got the courage to talk to her after our first exam and the rest is history.”

Esparza knew the two definitely had a special connection when they first met.

“We never ran out of things to talk about and always had fun hanging out,” she said. “From then on, I would say it was love at first sight.”

Garcia had been planning for the moment since early February.

“I had no doubt she would say ‘yes,’” said Garcia. “She had been sending me samples of rings she was interested in.”

The couple expect to graduate this May, Garcia with a major in Environmental Science and Esparza with a major in Business Marketing. They both live and work in Corpus Christi and have no immediate plans to leave, but the couple did not rule out a move to San Antonio. The duo is currently planning for a fall wedding in 2017.