Islander Green Team Hosts ‘Garden Party’ to Raise Environmental Awareness

Published: November 11, 2016

Islander Green Team Hosts ‘Garden Party’ to Raise Environmental Awareness

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Garden fun, planting activities and socializing were the highlight of the Islander Garden “Garden Party,” hosted Nov. 4 by the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Islander Green Team and members of the University’s Environmental Advisory Council. The gardens are located at the end of the first entrance to campus, near the boat barn. At the Garden Party, students, staff and community volunteers helped plant seeds, add mulch and shared gardening tips for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.  This event is just one of several projects aimed to promote sustainability on campus.

“The Islander Green Team is a newly formed student organization that began spring 2016,” said Nathaniel Galvan, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Environmental Specialist. “We started this garden program to show students how easy it is to do small-scale gardening at home.”

The Islander Garden contains a series of raised boxes that are capable of producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Each box is open for adoption by students, campus clubs and departments. The goal of the community garden is to engage and educate the campus community about the basic principles of gardening, the importance of growing local organic foods, and making simple, healthy and flavorful recipes using that food.

“My co-workers and I have been working with the Islander Garden since they were first set up. There are five of us that assist with managing them,” said Betty Mounts, Senior Property Officer at A&M-Corpus Christi. “I’m proud to say that we have our own pumpkins and they are coming along great. We also have cantaloupes and cucumbers.”

The Islander Green Team was developed to publicize the growing number of projects and programs to promote sustainability through environmental initiatives taking place around campus. The team encourages environmental stewardship while promoting school spirit. The Green Team works in hand with the Environmental Advisory Council and the A&M-Corpus Christi Environmental Policy.

“I wanted to start an organization that was different and would be progressive in the community,” said Melissa Zamora, President of the Islander Green Team and environmental science major. “We now have an organization that is able to share knowledge of environmental awareness with one another to make our campus better.”

Students who are interested in joining the Islander Green Team can sign up for the Islander Green Team newsletter, like them on Facebook, or sign up on Orgsync.