Dr. Sandrine Sanos, Island University History Professor, Receives $50K National Research Award

Published: December 14, 2016

Dr. Sandrine Sanos, Island University History Professor, Receives $50K National Research Award

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Fresh off a summer 2016 stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant that sent her to historical archives in Normandy and Paris, Dr. Sandrine Sanos, Associate Professor of Modern European History at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has been selected to receive another, more selective grant from NEH.

In the last five competitions, the NEH “Awards for Faculty Program” received an average of 118 applications per year. In this cycle, only 12 NEH faculty grants were awarded. Sanos’ grant is valued at $50,400 and was available to Sanos based on the Island University’s status as a Hispanic-serving institution.

The prestigious grant will support Sanos for a full academic year (July 2017-July 2018) as she spends additional time abroad researching her next book, “The Horror of History: Violence, Exile, and Gender in Cold War France, 1954-1967.”

“My first NEH Summer grant, valued at $6,000, was instrumental for my research and I was surprised and delighted when I learned the NEH had decided to support my work with a year-long grant,” said Sanos. “This will afford me the opportunity and freedom to complete my research in Paris and elsewhere in France as well as in New York, and begin writing. It is an honor to benefit from this invaluable support.”

Sanos’ book builds upon her interests of how the aftermath of violence shapes cultures and societies. It explores how new ways to think about political community emerged during a “postwar” time that was rife with conflicts close and far. Sanos is especially interested in how gender framed Cold War political imagination. She believes her book will interest those in political theory, sociology, history, literature, cultural and media studies, and gender studies.

“In spring 2017, I am offering a history course on post-1945 French thought, based on my book,” said Sanos. “I hope all my students will learn from the work I will undertake on war, genocide, exile and gender.”

Sanos thanks the University’s Division of Research, Commercialization and Outreach (RCO) for their support in writing the grant application.

“The NEH Fellowship is substantial and we appreciate the ways in which it enhances the reputation of A&M-Corpus Christi and its faculty,” said Dan Riechers, RCO Senior Research Development Officer. “Dr. Sanos' research will also inform and enhance her teaching, benefiting our students and encouraging other faculty to seek these awards. This is a big step in helping to promote research culture in the College of Liberal Arts.”

A native of France, Sanos is a scholar of the world, earning a Bachelor of Arts at Oxford University, a Master of Arts at London University and her Ph.D. at Rutgers University. She was a fellow of the ICI Interdisciplinary Center in Berlin, Germany in 2011-2012. She came to the Island University in 2008, and currently teaches classes in Modern European History, the History of Gender and Sexuality and the History of Ideas.