New Islander Ring Statue a Symbol of Student Success and Alumni Pride

Published: January 19, 2017

New Islander Ring Statue a Symbol of Student Success and Alumni Pride

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – It’s more than just a piece of jewelry – the Official Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Islander Ring commemorates the strength, integrity and hard-work put forth by each student. As of Jan. 19, the Islander Ring is now on display via a larger than life statue in the University Center, north atrium.

The 3-foot-tall ring statue is part of a special project through a partnership between Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, the Alumni Association, and Balfour, a trusted leader in hand-crafted collegiate graduation products.

“It was important to the Alumni Association to bring this statue to the University,” said Russell Wagner, Executive Director of the Islander Alumni Association. “The Alumni Board want students to know they are supported by a network of over 45,000 graduates as soon as they step foot on campus.”

Like the actual ring, the statue features the alumni seal on one side and a sunset on the opposite side. The alumni seal signifies an alum’s time at the University, and all of their memorable moments. The sunset signifies the student’s future endeavors, hopes, and dreams looking out from the island, looking toward their life as an alumnus.

“A graduation ring often acts a catalyst for conversation, and when you talk about it, you tell the Islander story,” said Curt Langford, Vice President of Collegiate Partnership Development at Balfour. “Balfour and are I are very excited for the Island University and their growing ring tradition and we are proud to be here to have helped provide this statue that showcases the Islander Spirit.”

The statue will permanently reside in the University Center, north atrium, near Campus Copies and the Islander Market.

“The ring is the end goal for me,” said Olivia Santos, senior media studies major. “When I go to the University Center, I now have a visual reminder of what I am working towards. It’s also a reminder to never give up. The ring will be my reward.”

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