Islander Ring Serves as a Symbol of Pride for 384 Students

Published: April 13, 2017

Islander Ring Serves as a Symbol of Pride for 384 Students

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – More than 380 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi upcoming graduates received their Islander Rings during the Islander Ring Ceremony on Saturday, April 2. Among those receiving their rings was Irma Torres, who will graduate this May with her Bachelors of Business Administration in Management with an emphasis in health care. Torres spoke at the event as the Student Foundation Association Class Agent representative for the College of Business and received a complementary ring during the ceremony.

“I am very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to have been a class agent representative,” said Torres. “This event is special for the students and family present as it signifies all the dedication and hard work that we put into our college years.”

Class Agents are chosen based upon their outstanding leadership, commitment and service to the University and surrounding community. As a Class Agent, Torres embodies the Islander spirit and works to advance the mission of the University.

“Each year, the Student Foudation Association selects a student from each college to represent their graduating class,” said Russell Wagner, Executive Director of the Alumni Association. “We look for students who have the strong leadership qualities that can connect with their class now, and allow them to connect for many years to come when they become Alumni.”

In her speech, Torres introduced her fellow Islanders to the Islander ring wish tradition. During the ceremony, students make a wish on a sand dollar they receive with their ring before tossing it into the fountain located in Woo Sung Lee Plaza. Since 2013, the ring wish has been a rite of passage and privilege bestowed upon those who wear the Islander ring as a symbol of commitment to education and the Island University.

“A sand dollar was chosen for this tradition with careful thought,” said Torres during the ceremony. “A sand dollar is designed to survive storms and rough currents. It instills an ideology of flexibility in our thoughts, actions and purpose but is also strong enough to withstand any challenges and obstacles that come along.”

Another symbol of pride is the Islander Ring, which represents the rich history of the Island University. One side of the ring features palm trees and an ocean view while the other features the Islander Alumni Association logo. Upperclassmen wear the ring with the symbols facing inward, and upon graduation, they are asked to turn the ring outward, as a symbol that they are ready to face the world as working professionals.

“The symbolism of achievement, unity and pride that each ring holds connects Islanders through our past, present and future at TAMU-CC,” said Torres.

All class ring recipients are granted membership into the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi National Alumni Association. For more information on the Alumni Association, visit