Mary & Jeff Bell Library Director Attends Leading Change Institute; Gathers Innovative Ideas

Published: July 07, 2017

Mary & Jeff Bell Library Director Attends Leading Change Institute; Gathers Innovative Ideas

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas –After a highly selective process, Dr. Catherine Rudowsky, Director of the Mary & Jeff Bell Library at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has been named a 2017 Leading Change Institute (LCI) fellow. This honor is shared with 32 other participants, including those representing MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth and Stanford. As an LCI fellow, Rudowsky flew to Washington D.C. in June to attend a national seminar. LCI seminars allow for the gathering and sharing of knowledge and ideas between University leadership.

“I was very proud to represent TAMU-CC among this distinguished group,” said Rudowsky. “Attending the Institute was nothing short of amazing. Being able to talk about larger higher education issues and leadership issues with such a dynamic group of engaged and innovative colleagues was thought-provoking and awe-inspiring.”

LCI seminars provide avenues for librarians, information technologists and others who are in the information sector to explore higher education challenges and find solutions. Participants like Rudowsky learned to create a collaborative community and initiate change through engagement with real-world issues over the course of several days.

According to Rudowsky, one of the benefits of having discussions with a dynamic group of people is that ideas and concepts from one university get shared and can provide inspiration for those in other fields. When recalling one of her favorite discussions, Rudowsky mentioned the concept of minimally viable product (MVP). In essence, MVP is a new concept where a product is released to satisfy early adopters, and then a final version is worked on as feedback is considered. While this concept is more familiar to IT professionals, especially those who develop products and websites, Rudowsky found this concept incredibly useful and has adapted it to work for the Bell Library.

For example, the Bell Library will be using the MVP concept during the launch of their new website. They will launch the new homepage fall 2017 and plan on using user feedback to improve and develop additional web pages.

“I like this idea and have always believed in it and championed for it. Now I know what to call it,” said Rudowsky. “This concept teaches us that we have to get over our fear of releasing new ideas, new services or new tools before they are 100 percent finalized, or we may never progress.”

It’s with this drive for new ideas and progress that Rudowsky leads the library as the director.

“Libraries, particularly academic libraries, are in a state of ongoing transformative change,” said Rudowsky. “LCI has helped me better understand what the necessary knowledge, skills, and methods are to guide the library and the University through this process.”   

Under the leadership of Rudowsky, the Mary & Jeff Bell Library has transformed and remodeled over the recent years, much to the benefit of the Island University students. Students now have access to individual, large group study rooms, and a “super quiet” study room. For relaxing and de-stressing, students can now check-out books from the popular reading section and DVDs from the media center.

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