A&M-CC Professor Impacts Community Through On-Going Free Health Series

Published: December 19, 2017

A&M-CC Professor Impacts Community Through On-Going Free Health Series

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – To address Corpus Christi locals’ health concerns and give a scientist’s perspective, one Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi professor began, “Community Resources: Easing Concerns by Educating on Matters of Science (CRECEMOS): Health and Nutrition Series” in partnership with the Ben F. McDonald Public Library. During his first talk earlier this month, Dr. Xavier Gonzales, Professional Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, spoke to an interested audience about cancer.

During the first Thursday of each month, Gonzales will continue these free and open public talks. Future talks are expected to continue through March 2018 and will include influenza, diabetes and obesity. In the midst of flu season and holiday indulgences, these discussions will be the perfect opportunity for interested community members to learn more.

“When I tell people I have done cancer research, they ask if there’s a cure that ‘Big Pharma’ is not releasing,” said Gonzales. “These types of questions tend to come frequently with my areas of research, which is a strong indicator that the non-science community lacks trust in scientists. My goal is to share information and build community trust in science.”

Gonzales came up with the idea for CRECEMOS when he was prepping for his class lectures at the McDonald Public Library. After an interested and curious community member came up to Gonzales, he realized he had a wealth of knowledge to share. 

“As scientists and researchers, we have a social responsibility to contribute to humanity,” said Gonzales. “We should all take time to give back some of our knowledge to others.”

Gonzales has training in immunology, microbiology, endocrinology, neurobiology and environmental public health. His publications have covered topics on brains and bacteria, genes and environmental toxins, cancer treatments and the impact of psychological stress on diseases.

The talks will continue to be hosted at the Ben F. McDonald Public Library. To receive future announcements, follow Ben F. McDonald Public Library Facebook page or check out the Corpus Christi Public Libraries website.