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Publishing Basics

How are things published in Cascade?

Cascade works hand-in-hand with the University webserver, Falcon. Falcon is an integral part of the publishing process, but it isn't necessary to know much about how it works. For the purposes of this tutorial section, all you need to know is the following:

  • Falcon is a server that hosts nearly all of the University's web content.
  • Falcon and Cascade are two completely different things, but work together to put your content on the web.
  • With very, very few exceptions, Cascade can't publish your content unless you have a personal or departmental Falcon account.
  • Whenever you publish something in Cascade, Cascade is logging into Falcon with your Falcon account credentials (we will cover this in our tutorials on Transports and Destinations).

When do I need to publish?

Whenever you make a change to anything in Cascade, the change isn't visible to anyone on your web site until you publish. Cascade is the means by which you create and edit content, but that content is not available on your website until you publish it to Falcon. Here are some common scenarios and their corresponding publishing requirements:

I've just created a new page and I want to make it available on my website.

Is your navigational menu being created for you automatically? If so, just publish the new page's parent folder. If you've decided to include the new page in a subnavigational menu, be sure to publish the folder above the new page's parent folder.

If you have created a custom navigational menu, publish the menu's parent folder, plus any folder in which you've created a reference to the menu.

I've just uploaded an image/document and created a link to it on an existing page.

If you linked to the file internally, simply publish the page that links to it, and Cascade will automatically publish the file. If you've linked to the file externally, you'll need to publish the file and any pages with links to the file.

I've created a new site and I'm ready to publish for the first time.

If you've already created a Transport and a Destination, you're all set! Just publish the Base Folder and your site will be live.